Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I do business with Culligan?


Culligan has been the #1 water expert for over 75 years now, so if a company has been around that long, they must be doing something right. Culligan of the Rio Grande Valley has been operating under the same family’s ownership since 1975, and we have seen and solved just about every type of water problem in the Valley over these years. We are long-time, very active members of the Texas Water Quality Association (TWQA) and national Water Quality Association (WQA), which are organizations that fight for water quality issues of Texans. We are very proud of the service we provide to our customers, and we invest heavily in training of our employees. Our service and installation technicians are all factory trained by Culligan, and all are licensed Water Treatment Specialists by the State of Texas. This level of licensing and training differentiates us from many of our competitors in the Rio Grande Valley. Also, check us out on, we have an ‘A+’ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

What makes our Culligan 5 gallon bottled water different than the competition? Well, we are a IBWA Certified water dealer, which means we go above and beyond the industry standards to ensure you get the best tasting water available. Competitors may come and go, but we at Culligan are here to stay. We also offer Bottle-Free Cooler systems that make great tasting water, but without the bottles. We are confident you will love our service, and our technicians and drivers are friendly, and here to service your needs.



What is soft water? And what do drinking water systems do? What is the difference between both of them and do I need one or the other or both?


Soft water is water that is free from mineral deposits. Don’t worry, these are not the kind of minerals that you need in your diet that only come from your water. We are talking about calcium and magnesium. It’s the stuff you see built up on your shower walls, the fading on your glassware, and what clogs up your pipes in your home. Once you get rid of the hardness in your water, you can use way less soap, hair is softer, and skin is less dry. A drinking water system makes the same water you see from vending stations or bottled water at the store. But, instead of lugging around a big bottle or packages of small water, carrying it out to your car and hauling it inside your home, you can just make it right from a spout on your sink. We offer full service rentals of water softeners and drinking water systems, as well as options to purchase each type of equipment.



What about those SALT-free water softeners I have been hearing about?


If Salt-free water systems really worked, Culligan would be making them. The fact is that they DO NOT remove hardness from your water. If you go to the manufacturer’s websites for these salt-free systems and look for the fine print, you will see that they say that their unit does not remove dissolved minerals. The only way to remove calcium and magnesium is to use ionic resin featured in a water softener. Sorry folks, but it is true. Call Culligan or any reputable water treatment company and they will tell you the same thing. If they really did soften water, we would offer them to customers.



I want to know more, but I don’t want a pushy salesperson in my home or have someone telemarketing me.


Culligan has been around way too long to play those games with people. We are straight shooters and will tell you what you need to know without a long drawn out sales pitch or a pushy salesperson twisting your arm. However, to truly know what equipment you need, it’s best we test your water. When we do a water test, we look for what your TDS is (total dissolved solids), GPG (grains per gallon of water hardness), and what size pipes your home/business has. It’s also important we see where your water system would need to be installed, because sometimes it’s a very simple job, and other times the installation can be complex. If you’d like to talk with one of our water professionals, please feel free to call or make an internet inquiry. We can get back with you at any time that is good for you…early morning, week nights, weekends, anytime, it’s your choice.